Friday, July 11, 2014

Thailand Part 5: Khao Sok National Park and Conclusion

Last but not least... Khao Sok National Park! A hidden jewel in Thailand that I was able to discover thanks to ThaIntro.
It's a national park in Thailand which mainly consists of this big, beautiful emerald lake. We only spent one night there, but it was an amazing experience. On the lake, there are floating bungalows. It was like being in a little cottage village.
In the lake in front of the bungalows was a giant log in the water where we could hang out and sit on and I spent almost all day on that thing.
Needless to say, everyone burned. Myself included. Actually, I may have gotten a minor heat stroke..... And yes, I wore sunscreen. SPF 60, thank you very much!

So here we are, at the end of this amazing trip. I never thought I would have been able to do this alone, but I did and now that I think about it, I wouldn't have it any other way. Every day, I met incredible people, and discovered a new country and experienced things that most 19-year olds don't get to do.
I am so grateful to everyone I met that made this trip as amazing as it has been, I miss you all so much!
I have gained so much confidence from this trip. After you travel by yourself in a country that you know nothing about, and make it through without a scratch, you feel like you can do anything.



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