Friday, November 28, 2014

Behind The Scenes

Photo Credit: Ervin Chartrand

My filmmaking class has been working on a group project these last few weeks and it's been an interesting experience. Our prof gave us a script, written by the T.A. and we were each assigned crew roles and scenes to direct, and we were divided into the Sunday and Monday crews, since we couldn't all be there at the same time, and 12 crew members for such a small film is way too much. t am the production assistant manager, which basically means I send out an email once a week, telling people where to meet and when, for what scenes, and make sure they show up.

The movie is about a young man who works at a call centre and who hates his job and eventually, he gets so tired of being yelled at, that he tracks down one of the people who yelled at him over the phone and decides to takes his revenge.... but doesn't go through with it. Instead, he gets kicked out of his apartment by his now ex-girlfriend and ends up sleeping at his coworker's house.
Photo Credit: Ervin Chartrand

Anyway, it's not the best script, but it's experience on a film set. Each week, we rotate roles, so that we can all be in charge of lighting, sound, camera and directing.

One thing I will say: filming outside? The worst part of filming. It's either way too cold or way too hot, and of course, every time you try to film outside, it will rain or snow. There's just no way around it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Typical White Girl

So it seems I've turned into a typical white girl!
With the matching scarf and socks, the boots, and legging...  I finally understand! It's because it's so damn comfortable!
Scarf: Garage // Shirt: H&M // Leggings: Suzy Shier // Socks: Kodiak // Boots: Payless Shoe Warehouse
You know what? I wear what I want, when I want, and that's all there is to it. It has nothing to do with fashion for me. I liked the scarf, so I got it. Winter is coming, and I needed warm socks, so I got them, same thing with the boots. As for the leggings? Well my jeans are slightly too big for me and something it's nice to lounge in leggings.

Obviously, this isn't what I wear every day. I'm still the typical t-shirt and jeans kinda gal, but hey, it's nice to switch it up once in a while, right?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fishing Poem

I wrote another poem for my creative writing class and I thought I would share it with you. The writing prompt was a photograph of a man, alone on a big rock that overlooked a large body of water that I thought looked like the ocean.

This is obviously not the picture that inspired the poem, but close enough, right?

A swing of the arm,
The flick of a wrist.
The hushed “whoosh” of the rod,
As it cuts through the air.

I'm getting better at this.
Slowly but surely, I'm learning.
I haven't caught anything yet,
So I wait patiently as he always did.

The waves are crashing against the shore,
Along the rocky pedestal on which I stand.
My feet are wet, my hands tired.
I'm getting weary of waiting.

The moment I give up,
The second I start reeling in,
Something tugs violently at the end
Of my line, something hidden.

Whip the rod upwards,
Just like he taught me;
Secure the hook, he'd say.
And I start a battle of tug-o-war.

This is when it gets exciting,
Playing tug-o-war with an invisible force,
Not knowing what's on the other end.
It's what he loved about it.

Finally, I see something.
A flash of a golden fin.
A smile tugs at my lips;
I did it.

Why he always loved to fish
Remains a mystery to me.
My dad never taught me,
I never taught my son.

He loved it so much.
And so here I am,
Catching my first fish at 62,

Just the way he taught me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Taylor Swift came out with a new album just before Halloween and I bought it. After listening to Shake it Off, I wanted to see how much of her new album really was pop (and of course, I just like her). I bought the deluxe edition of course, which comes with two extra songs and a series of pictures with lyrics on them, which I think is a brilliant idea. The pictures all look great and have this really sweet vintage feel to them, which goes perfectly with the album, since it's named after her birth year.

1989 is actually such a great album! I've pretty much had it on repeat since I got it. There's a variety of songs from the happy Shake it Off, to the sadder, slower This Love and Clean.

I find that a lot of her lyrics have really improved from her previous album.. Some of her songs are really deep and well-written (for a pop artist). For example, her song Clean references to an addiction, and being clean and sober, which in this case, refers to love, and her song Wonderland, on the deluxe album parallels Alice in Wonderland and falling in love.

Taylor Swift's new single Blank Space just came out on the 10th and I thought I would share it for everyone to see!

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