Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Airport Night Run 2017

Saturday night, I ran my second half marathon of the season, and of the week! I ran this one last year and absolutely loved it. Despite the fact that it's 6 days after the Berlin Half, I wanted to do it all over again!
It was, once again, the perfect day for a race. The weather settled, and the temperature was perfect. Just chilly enough to run comfortably and no wind! That alone was a blessing, considering we were running on an airfield!
Yes, you read that correctly! This race takes place on the runways of the new airport in Berlin which has yet to open. That airport has been a total disaster and the opening keeps getting delayed every few months. So for now, it is a pretty great spot for a night run!

I ran a bit slower than I had hoped, but with my injuries, I am glad I finished at all! It was a really great race and my running crew was there to cheer. They were probably the loudest people there!
photo credit: Fab @adidas Runners Berlin

The second race of the season is done, I got my glow in the dark medal and a beer at the finish line as per race tradition! Next race is in 2 weeks!

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