Monday, March 24, 2014

Halfie Update: Weeks 5 and 6: Halfway there!

I can't believe I'm already halfway there! Another 6 weeks and it'll be time to run the half-marathon! I don't have too much to update... It's been the same over the past two weeks: super icy roads, cold weather and an injured knee.
For the icy roads, I've been using those cleats you can strap on to your shoes, and they've been amazing! It's not fool-proof, of course, but it's been helping a lot. As for my knee... ice, ice, ice!

Yesterday I went for an evening run (I was a little too hungover to run first thing in the morning... oops!) and though it was a little colder, and I couldn't finish my run because of my knee, I really enjoyed running along a beautiful sunset.

Up to now, I have run about 78 miles! My cardio endurance is much better, my body is leaner and I can't wait to run some more!


  1. Looks (cold) beautiful!

    Hope school stuff is going okay - you got this!

  2. This makes me motivated to get outside and run too (even with the 35 cms of snow we just had)! Hope things will start to warm up for you soon!

  3. It is cold! The worst is the puddles.... I just love running in cold, wet shoes!

  4. Apparently it's warming up for a while! Fingers crossed!


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