Friday, March 7, 2014

What if Anne Frank Had Survived?

Tuesday I went to see a play called The Secret Annex put on by the Manitoba Theatre Centre. The premise of the play revolves around what would have happened if Anne Frank had lived.  25 year old Anne Frank is living in New York City, trying to sell her book, based on her diary.

Throughout the entire play, you feel kind of odd.. It's a hard feeling to describe, watching the life someone could have had if they hadn't died a tragic death.
The editor tells Anne over and over that there's something missing to her book. It makes you wonder if the Diary of Anne Frank would have been such an important book if she hadn't died. Would it have had the same impact?
Anne also talks about her survivor's guilt, the "why me?" speech. She defines herself by her tragedy and she can't let go of it. So many of us define ourselves by the bad things that happen to us

The whole thing is just completely heart-breaking and mind-boggling. I left the theatre with tears in my eyes.
It's taken me a few days to process this play... Those are always the best kind.


  1. That's a really interesting concept. It's always been that way though, you're underappreciated until you're dead. unfortunate but true. look at Van Gogh. i wonder if Anne Frank would have had the same impact had she survived.

  2. That's why I loved this play so much! It's not a concept we tend to forget. It's also the fact that she died a tragic death. If she had died of old age during the war, would it had been as much of a tragedy?


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