Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ode to a Sugar Cube

I am taking a creative writing class this year and the other day my prof gave us random objects with the instruction to write an ode to this object, the way Pablo Neruda does with tomatoes, clothes and ironing.
I was given a sugar cube, and in about 10 minutes, I wrote this little ode:

Ode to a Sugar Cube

They say that great things come in small packages,
You make my days brighter, 
My fondest memories of you come from my childhood;
You spice up my life in every way imaginable,

And my dear Sugar Cube, this is true for you.
You have been my companion for many years,
Always loyal and never changing.
As you add a bit of "oomph" to my otherwise mundane life.
Every morning, you greet me with a coffee,
Starting my day with joy at the sight of you and your sweet smile.
You, my best friend, my fellow adventurer,
You would bathe in juice, and I watched as you turned red or orange or purple,
And I giggled as you melted into my hands.
And Sugar Cube, my dear,
I would be nowhere without you.


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