Monday, September 22, 2014

Yes, I'm Still Alive!

I've been a bad blogger...
It's not that I've been too busy or have been hiding under a rock and literally have nothing to say, I've just been lazy. I haven't even been keeping up with anyone's blogs!
It's been summer and I wanted to do as much as I could and enjoy the "nice" weather while I could.
What have I been up to?
Well... Quite a bit, actually!
I ran three 5K runs: Color Me Rad, Mud Hero and Electric Donkey Run, which I've been too lazy to blog about... So here's a couple pictures of those last two runs!

Another big thing that happened over the last little while is that I got a new job! I will be working at the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights as a tour guide. It's really exciting because everyone in this city has been waiting for years for this museum to open and it's finally happening! I'm really looking forward to working there. I've been doing a lot of training, since there's just so much information to know. I will definitely be blogging about this later on, when I'm actually allowed to....

And the biggest thing? I just started my LAST year of university!!!!
It's going to be a craaaaazy year. I'm taking a full course load while working two part-time jobs. This term I'm taking three random classes (Nutrition, Intro to Geography, Intro to Creative Writing) and two film classes to complete my degree, and next term those two film classes continue, and I will be taking three german classes to finish the other part of my degree. It's going to be insane! This will be the year where I really learn to organize my time and well... actually do my homework....

This summer has been absolutely fantastic, and even though I'm not quite ready for winter yet, I'm so excited to be back at school and finishing university.

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