Friday, November 28, 2014

Behind The Scenes

Photo Credit: Ervin Chartrand

My filmmaking class has been working on a group project these last few weeks and it's been an interesting experience. Our prof gave us a script, written by the T.A. and we were each assigned crew roles and scenes to direct, and we were divided into the Sunday and Monday crews, since we couldn't all be there at the same time, and 12 crew members for such a small film is way too much. t am the production assistant manager, which basically means I send out an email once a week, telling people where to meet and when, for what scenes, and make sure they show up.

The movie is about a young man who works at a call centre and who hates his job and eventually, he gets so tired of being yelled at, that he tracks down one of the people who yelled at him over the phone and decides to takes his revenge.... but doesn't go through with it. Instead, he gets kicked out of his apartment by his now ex-girlfriend and ends up sleeping at his coworker's house.
Photo Credit: Ervin Chartrand

Anyway, it's not the best script, but it's experience on a film set. Each week, we rotate roles, so that we can all be in charge of lighting, sound, camera and directing.

One thing I will say: filming outside? The worst part of filming. It's either way too cold or way too hot, and of course, every time you try to film outside, it will rain or snow. There's just no way around it.


  1. thi i super cool! I kind of wish i'd gone into film at the u of w but i got scared lol

  2. Thanks! And what are you scared of? It's a great program!


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