Friday, May 1, 2015

One Half-Marathon Isn't Enough!

Last year, I ran the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon with my mom and well... it didn't go so well. I finished, though, and I got my medal, which was a huge accomplishment for me. It was my first half-marathon ever and even if it didn't go as well as I wished, it gave me more motivation to better myself and crush it next time! Then, I ran the Berlin Half Marathon, and it went extremely well!

Now here I am, a year after my first half marathon, and ready to crush it! I will be running on Sunday, but this time, I will be running alone. I can't wait! I will be running in my bright red tights and equally bright shirt so that whoever comes to cheer me on (yes, this means YOU!) will be able to spot me from a mile away!

I'll see you at the finish line!

PS: If you want more information about the Half: Check out their website!

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