Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Spend Way Too Much Money on Running Gear

Whoever said running is cheap, has clearly never bought running clothes/shoes. When I was in Berlin for the half-marathon, I wanted to buy some souvenir running gear with the half-marathon logo, obviously. The thing is, the sponsor was Adidas, which meant that the running clothes were going to be a little more expensive.... I didn't mind; I rarely ever splurge unless I'm travelling and my mindset is always "when will I ever get the chance to do this again?" when I'm travelling, so I splurged.
Here you can see what I wore during the half-marathon: the green shirt is the event shirt
Undershirt: Running Room // T-shirt: Adidas // Tights: La Senza

Sweater: Adidas // T-shirt: cep // Tights: New Yorker // Socks: Running Room

I had to buy myself an even t-shirt, of course, and I also saw this really great sweater: it's light, warm, has reflective bars and is wet-wicking (with the event logo on top of that), so I thought, I can afford an 80 euro sweater, right? Right. I also bought this really cool graffiti, limited edition running t-shirt at this same expo. Just at the expo, I spent 140 euros on running clothes. That's about 180$.

A few days later, I was out shopping in Leipzig, and I saw these amazing tights and matching sports bra, and once again, I splurged. Another 50 euros on running clothes.
T-shirt: cep // Tights: New Yorker

It may seem crazy to spend this much, but if you remember in December, I spent a lot of money on running clothes, and it is so worth it. These last a really long time and honestly, I never want to take these tights off, they are that comfortable. When you're running long distance, it's all about comfort, but when you can find something funky that's very comfortable, it just makes running so much more fun!

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