Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beatlemania in Liverpool

Liverpool.... Where it all began for the Fab Four, our beloved Beatles. I was only in Liverpool for two days, and honestly spent most of my time exploring the Beatles-related areas of the city.
After I checked into the hostel, I went straight to the Cavern Club, where the Beatles really got famous. They played there 292 times in about two years! It's a really cool basement bar and there's constantly live music in there.

I also went to the Albert docks where there's the Beatles Story museum. They talk about the Fab Four from their very early beginnings up until very recently, even recreating certain bars, or even a plane (for when they went to America for the first time). It was easy to spend at least two hours in there! Next door, they had the British Invasion museum, another part of the Beatles museum, dedicated to the British bands that changed rock music in America and around the world. This part also had a little 4D movie experience and a "secret" photography gallery of never-before seen photos of the Fab Four, all of which was included in one price. The Beatles Story has a huge Beatles merchandise store and a cute café with quotes all over the walls, so I definitely spent over 4-5 hours going through all of that.

Next, I went on the Magical Mystery Tour, that went around the city to all the different spots that were made important by The Beatles; Penny Lane, the childhood homes, Strawberry Field, the boys' schools, etc.

John Lennon's childhood home

Paul McCartney's childhood home

As you can imagine, I've been listening to the Beatles a lot more than usual after all this! ;)

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