Monday, February 1, 2016


Glasgow was a museum-city for me. I was only there for 2 full days and spent them all at museums. There's a lot to see here, and I would definitely go back to see more.

I arrived early in Glasgow and went out exploring right away. I went to a Visitor Centre and figured out what to see in the city. I started at the City Chambers for a tour of the magnificent building. It's really breathtaking, especially the marble staircases.

Next was the St. Mungo Museum of religion and life. (St. Mungo, by the way, is the patron saint of Glasgow.) This museum highlights the "biggest" religions, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam, while also exploring the rituals of tons of others; they talk about childhood, life, death, marriage, etc.
Next door is the oldest house in the city! Dated from the 1600s. The only reason it is still standing is because the owners at the time decided to keep it as an Inn instead of selling it. It was pure luck that kept this historical site alive. It was renovated and now turned into a museum about the era and a bit of Glasgow's history.

My last stop for the day was the Riverside Museum. It's a museum about transport, named European Museum of the Year in 2013, and it definitely holds up to the award. I spent well over two hours in there and could have spent even more! They have reconstructed a piece of street from the Victorian era with shops and old cars, they have a motorcycle wall and a car wall, filled with vehicles from all ages and styles. The display the oldest bicycle, firetruck, tram, car, boat... it goes on and on. It was really fascinating!

Behind the Riverside Museum is the "Tall Ship," the Glenlee, which is over 200 years old and now restored to its former glory into a sort of museum.

Close by, there's the Science museum, where I spent a few hours exploring all kinds of science-things. The top floor is all about the human body. You can test your strength, reflexes, check your pulse, see how parts of the body work, and even look at autopsies. The lower levels have all kinds of experiments with gravity, wind, electricity, etc.
The last museum I visited in Glasgow was a museum called Kelvingrove. This is a really great museum with a little something for everyone. It has sculptures, paintings, artefacts, armour, even an Egyptian mummy!

Last but not least, I tried haggis. This traditional Scottish dish is actually a lot tastier than I remember! Maybe it's because I'm in Scotland, but I actually really enjoyed it!

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