Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Currently I'm...

I took a small break from blogging as I was trying to get my life in order... I was nearly homeless trying to find a new apartment while barely having enough money to eat, but somehow I managed to pull through. I found a great apartment with nice roommates and a fun job that pays way more than the museum.... So life is finally starting to work out! So here's what I've been up to!

READING: Stilllllllll reading Harry Potter.... I'm trying, I swear! My goal is to finish it within the next week or so, that way I can start reading Outlander in time for my trip to Scotland!

WATCHING: Mostly romantic comedies... I finally watched Deadpool the other day and I definitely get what the fuss is all about!

LISTENING: SO MUCH ELVIS! I'm working at this American Diner with a 50s theme, so we listen to all sorts of classics like Elvis, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.

WORKING ON: My fitness. I took a break from running while I was also taking a break from blogging to try and fix my legs... I've been dealing with shin splints and Achille's heel pain, so taking a break definitely helped. Now I'm slowly getting back on the horse and training for the half marathon in Scotland.

EATING: My favourite thing right now is actually grilled cheese sandwiches with a hardboiled egg in it. It's been my breakfast almost every day this week! It's so simple and yummy! Okay... and maybe a lot of ice cream....

DRINKING: Passionfruit juice. In German, it's called Maracuja, and I finally discovered that it means passionfruit, so I've been drinking it non-stop at work!

WANTING: My legs to cooperate with me so I can just run pain-free and finally stop worrying about the upcoming races!

THINKING: Where I want to go next. I'm planning on registering for a half-marathon in Rostock, which is a port city that has ferries to Denmark and Sweden, so maybe I could take a little vacation there....

CELEBRATING: Finally finding an apartment that's a little more permanent! I have finally settled in and even completely unpacked my suitcase! It feels so good, you don't even know.

TRYING: To find motivation to work out. Of course, I know I need to if I want my legs to get better, but it's so much work...

ENJOYING: Berlin! Now that most of my stress is gone, I can finally simply enjoying living in this amazing city. I've been to a pool on the river, visited the Zoo and I've got plans to see many, many more things in a weeks to come! Summer is going to be amazing and I can't wait!

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