Friday, April 22, 2016

I've Been Replaced!

It's totally normal to repurpose your children's bedrooms once they leave the nest. When my sister moved out, we transformed her room into a sort of storage/crafts room. When I moved out, not only did I leave home, I left the country to go on this big adventure in Germany. So of course, my parents decided to repalce me.... with plants!

My room has a huge window and my mom had the brilliant idea of using my room as a greenhouse. She placed her "crops" on my shelf in front of the window, and from there, my dad joined in and now my room is overrun by plants of all sorts! The best part? It works. The plants are growing at record speed!

What did your parents do with your room when you moved out?


  1. LOL! Your parents made your room into a garden! That's actually a good way to utilize it. My old room is a guest room now. When it was mine, I had a wall splattered with colorful paints, another ruined from hanging/taping stuff and random little notes. Now it's quite lovely, representin' my mothers teddy bear collection. As long as she's happy. :)

    1. It's definitely a unique idea! I thought it would turn into a guest bedroom as well... As long as our mothers are happy :)


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