Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gerald Laroche: Master of the Harmonica

In my filmmaking class, we had two projects to make: a drama, and a documentary. At first, I thought that the drama (scripted) would be easier and more fun to do, since I love writing and telling stories, but I found myself enjoying making the documentary so much more!
At first, I wanted to do it on bullying, but then decided against it, since it would be a pretty hard subject to make a documentary about. So I decided to be "lazy" and do a documentary on my dad. He's a musician and I thought it could be interesting if I were to do this about him, so I thought what the hell, and I did it!
I'm actually so proud of this one. I work really hard on it, and I love it.

There it is!
Gerald Laroche: Master of the Harmonica

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