Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life Lately

I've been really absent lately... And for that I apologize. I've had no motivation to write at all, and it's not like there has been anything interesting going on in the past couple of weeks. Regardless, here's what I've been up to.

  • I finished my last exam of the year on the 19th and I've been doing virtually nothing ever since, and it feels awesome. (I managed to watch all eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix in a week, because that's how much time to waste I have!)
  • I haven't run in a week, due mostly to laziness and because I'm sick, so I feel terrible about this upcoming half-marathon.
  • I'm running my first half-marathon in 5 days!!!!
  • My knee is very slowly getting better...
  • I've been sick - It started off as violent nausea after every time I ate, to actual pain in my abdomen, so I went to see the doctor and it could either be some kind of bug/infection or an ulcer... Yay me!
  • I just got my grade back for an essay I did on Quinoa... A+! Probably my only A this term...
  • Today I started packing for my trip to Thailand! For those of you who didn't know, I'm leaving for Thailand on Monday, so in 6 days! (And yes, it's the day after the half-marathon)
  • The snow is pretty much all gone!!
  • Oh... and I may have also given up on this month's 30 Day Challenge... Oops!

Also, probably the thing I'm most proud of: My documentary got in the University of Winnipeg Film Festival! It will be on the big screen tomorrow night and I can't wait to see it! On top of that, the Rockland Youth Film Festival contacted me via Twitter and want me to enter my film in their film festival!
I can't believe that I got in on my first try! I promise an update on this very soon.


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