Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Devil is in the Details

I've been taking a filmmaking class this year that I absolutely loved and our two final projects were to write and direct a drama (so any fictional movie) and a documentary.
Let's start with the drama, since, in my opinion, it really isn't as good as my documentary. There were so many problems with it, but I finished it!
In a few scenes, you could see the boom pole, in others, the colours weren't right, or it was too dark, and in the outdoor scenes, the sound was just awful, which is why there are subtitles. I spoke with my prof about it and she told me that unless I wanted to rerecord the sound, the only option was to add subtitles and understand that I learned a lot about sound editing/recording. And I did. I definitely learned a lot from making this film and I honestly can't wait to try again and not make these mistakes!

So, drum roll please....!
The Devil is in the Details.

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