Monday, January 5, 2015

Halfie Update #1: Weeks 1-4

There it is! The first month of training done. That went by so insanely fast, I can't even believe it! I am three months away from running the Berlin Half-marathon!!

I have been extremely lucky, in that the temperature has been absolutely wonderful and it's only now getting to stupidly cold temperatures, and I do have to admit that I didn't run at all last week because I managed to get the flu, which kicked my butt so much harder than I could have expected. It gave me a nice little break during the holidays, and I'm ready to get back in gear!

This month, I've gotten new running gear, and re-learned how to run outside in the cold again. I haven't exactly been keeping up with my schedule, but I've been on holidays all month, and quite lazy... I have a lot to catch up on.

So far, I ran 26.77 miles (43.08km), and I honestly can't wait to run more! 82 days till Berlin!

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