Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"You weren't being over sensitive. He was being over asshole."

Girls, I have a problem and I believe this needs to be discussed a lot more.
We are constantly told that we, us girls, are always being over sensitive, that we're always making a big deal out of nothing and to "just calm down". I have a problem with this, because this isn't always the truth. Yes, we all have our moments (often because of PMS) where we go a little crazy and cry for no reason, but the majority of the time, we have every right to be "over sensitive."

Doesn't she just have the best quotes sometimes?

If your boyfriend cheated on you and you want to rip his head off, are you being over sensitive?
If your boyfriend has been ignoring you for the last few days and you're upset, are you being over sensitive?
If someone (friend or otherwise) has stood you up and you're angry, are you being over sensitive?
If someone insults you by accident (or on purpose) and it bothers you, are you being over sensitive?
If you watch The Notebook and wish you had a romance like that or even cried a little, are you being over sensitive?


You're just being a human being. Boys get "over sensitive" too, but we just say they're full of testosterone. How is that any different from us? We're human. We have feelings and we express them. It's what makes us who we are.

Yes, girls usually express their feelings more than guys, but that doesn't make us over sensitive. Sometimes he was just being over asshole.

Yet we take the blame.

We care. So what? Is it so wrong that we show that we care? I think the world would be a lot sadder if we all stopped showing others that we care about them, don't you think?

Girls, stop letting people tell you you're over sensitive. You have every right to be hurt, or happy, or pissed off when someone does something wrong to you. They were just being over asshole.

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