Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Buddha Board

The art of letting go.... Something many of us have no idea how to even imagine. I've had my eye on this thing called a Buddha Board for a few months now and finally decided to buy it.
This is one of the coolest artsy things I've bought in a while - it's an infinite canvas. It's a very simple concept; this is a canvas that uses water as ink and once the water evaporates or dries, the canvas goes back to blank. This way, you can have endless of fun on one single space.

This idea of a drawing or painting that fades, that isn't permanent is a brilliant idea. It's this idea of living in the moment and letting go of the beauty in order to give way to more, and of course, of always having the ability to have a clean slate. This Buddha Board is also a really simple way to meditate; painting lines or words and watching them fade while your mind goes peacefully blank is wonderful.

It's not an expensive board either! It's about $30 for the board, or $15 for the Mini Board, which is a travel-size type board in multiple colours. It's barely an investment for something that will last a long time. I bought mine at the Human Rights Museum, but I'm sure you can find it pretty easily. It's a lot of fun and something I definitely recommend!

**Disclosure: these are my personal opinions and have not been sponsored or paid to say any of this.**

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