Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Would You Rather: Travel Edition

Shane, over at Sea Salt Secrets has posted a couple of "Would You Rather: Travel Edition"s and I decided to try it out! I'm about to go on a pretty incredible trip (more on that later), so it seemed appropriate to do a travel quiz! I'm taking her question from her fourth edition and you're welcome to try it out as well!

Would you rather...
Visit Hogwarts OR Narnia?
Hogwarts. No hesitation. I mean, Narnia is cool and all.... but I'm way too much of a Harry Potter fan to not go to Hogwarts, even if it's just for an hour!

Get dumped and eat the cost of your ex's trip OR spend an entire 2-week vacation with someone you can't stand?
I would much, much rather spend the extra money than deal with someone for two weeks... Even if it means not having a single penny on my trip. Nothing can ruin a vacation more than a terrible travel-"buddy."

Live in Africa OR in Antartica for a year?
Africa! It's such a vast continent with amazing people and culture that I would love to discover and be a part of. Although.... I'm not sure if I would be able to deal with the lack of snow...

Be captured by a wild tribe in the jungle or by pirates at sea?
I would totally pull a Elizabeth Swan and get along with the pirates. Plus, pirates are usually found in some pretty gorgeous places of the world, so the landscape would be a big plus!

Live in extreme luxury for a bit with no freedom to do what you want OR on the lowest travel budget imaginable, with the freedom to travel anywhere you like?
Considering I survived perfectly fine with absolutely no money in Munich for about 4 days and still had a great time, I think I'll take freedom over money. That should be an automatic choice for everyone, anyway... but our society is a capitalist one, so it's not so obvious.

Attend the Royal Wedding OR the Olympic Games?
Hands down, the Olympics. Rio 2016? Pyeong Chang 2018? Tokyo 2020? Beijing 2022? All amazing places I would love to visit, let alone be part of this incredible sports event!

Dine at the hottest new restaurant before it gets big OR a hole in the wall ethnic restaurant with amazing food OR a familiar classic with grandma's comfort food?
The small ethnic restaurant. The best food I had in Thailand was the street food, which was not only extremely cheap, but unbeatable, and impossible to replicate.

Live one life that lasts 1,000 years OR live 10 lives that last 100 years each?
I would much rather live 10 completely different, full lives with amazing people around me than 1,000 years of roaming the world alone. I could be a travel photographer, an athlete, a doctor, a marine biologist, a musician, a pilot.... so many things I could be!

Wake up with a regrettable tattoo on your butt OR with a random stranger in your bed?
Hmm.... If it was a tasteful tattoo.... No. Scratch that. Tattoos are forever and there's no way I would go through the pain of laser removal on my butt. I'll take a stranger any day! Doesn't mean anything happened between us either!

Travel wide or travel deep?
That's a tough one. As much as I would love to see every corner of the world, I think that experiencing the culture and the people is more important to me. Living like a local, learning the language... That's what I want.

There it is! Of course, there isn't one "right" way to travel. Go out and explore the world! It's beautiful out there.

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