Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Running During the Summer

Summer is the time when you see all the runners come out of hiding. You can't go a day, if not an hour without seeing someone braving the heat to go for a jog. For most of the summer, I wasn't part of those brave souls. Mostly due to an injury, but also because well, I hate running during the summer. In Winnipeg, the temperature can rise up to 35 degrees Celsius and running in that heat, with the sun glaring down on you is a recipe for a heat stroke/disaster. The obvious solution would be early mornings or late evenings... but I'm not a morning person and I work evenings... So what solution could there be?
I did my best. But hey, having an injury definitely helped with the excuse of not running! I still managed to get a few good runs in this summer and honestly? Some of them really weren't so bad. It also means all kinds of new running gear (always a win), and the landscape is pretty amazing.
You wouldn't believe it, but every single one of these pictures was taken within the city limits. We have some beautiful paths and I loved getting to discover them.
Sometimes you can find all kinds of little treasures, like this chess table in Assiniboine Park.

Sometimes during a long run, you can admire the gorgeous dance of colours that are our prairie sunsets.

The thing with summer is finding a way to stay cool during the harsh heat... Sometimes it's shade, or water, or just toughing it out. Some (crazy) people like to wear layers! Or sometimes, it's the clothes themselves that keep you cool.  - Yes, there's another blog post about this! Stay tuned!

Now it's time for some cooler weather.... Perfect for running, sweaters and cuddling. Just a few of my favourite things.

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