Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mud Hero and Dirty Donkey

This summer, not only have I been running a lot of half-marathons, I have also been running a few 5km runs, including Mud Hero and Dirty Donkey. Both of these include a lot of mud and some pretty great obstacles! The end result is always the best part, when you're covered in mud. The courses are 5 and 6 km but it definitely doesn't feel that way! With friends music and obstacles, the run goes by so quickly!
Most of these types of races travel and also give all their proceeds to a charity, like Mud Hero travels throughout Canada, and with each city, the company picks a new charity. This year, Mud Hero Winnipeg gave to CancerCare Manitoba, so it makes you feel a little better about the registration prices.
As you can see, you are literally covered in mud from head to toe! Some obstacles were designed specifically to get you as dirty as possible! And in some cases, the mud is so thick, you feel like a zombie stuck in quicksand!

Now here are some pictures of the dirty races!
Thank you to Cam, Pat and my sister Nat for running with me!
Until next year!

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