Friday, April 8, 2016


I confess that...

**I got a sunburn on Sunday when I ran the halfmarathon, and I'm slightly proud of that. While everone at home is complaining about the -10 weather and the snow, I'm complaining about the heat and sunlight.

**I have been watching Gossip Girl for the third time and loving every moment of it.

**As much as I hate him, I kind of want to see what would happen if Trump got elected....

**I have obsessively scouring this website. It's full of lists! And we all know how happy lists make me.

**Honestly, there are time when I regret moving to Berlin...
**I haven't worked out since April 9th (other than running twice a week) and have been eating an embarassing amount of chocolate, ice cream, and doener kebabs... and I mean every single day.

**I spend more time on Facebook and Pinterest at work than I do at home.... 

**I live about 5km from work and am too lazy to bike to work.

**I'm so used to always being on the hunt for a job, that whenever I see an add or hear abotu an opening, I just on it, even though I don't need another job.

**I have been trying really hard not to buy every little elephant knick knack that I find. And trust me, there is a lot.

**I am dying go to the Berlin Zoo! It's honestly such a fun place wich so many different animals! Except that I'm always working during opening hours....

**While walking through Berlin the other night, I saw a real live fox just running by! In the middle of the city! It was majestic.

**Sometimes, I still can't believe I'm living in Berlin. It's such an amazing city and I'm so grateful to be here. Life is good.

Do you have any confessions?

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