Monday, December 23, 2013

Confessions of a Blogger

Danielle at A Writer in Love tagged me in her "Confessions of a Blogger" post and I thought I would answer the questions as well!

1. When did you first start blogging and why?
I started blogging on a different platform in October 2012. I had read a couple of blogs and I wanted to do it too, so I started my own blog. Then, the site shut down, so I quit blogging for a few months, then picked it back up here!

2. Have you had any past online presence?
I had another blog in which I just wrote the most random things. One post was literally "I can't sleep." repeated over and over. I didn't show it to anyone, though, and now it's gone! I also blogged  for the CSSG program while I was in Germany.

3. When did you become serious about your blog?
When I started Daily Emilie. My first blog was more like a place to rant when I was bored in class, but I knew I wanted this to be different. I wanted to be able to meet people and have my thoughts out there, even if no one reads them.

4. What was your first blog post?
It was Summer Lovin', a post about the end of summer. I can't believe how much my writing has changed since then, but also how different life is!

5. What have been your biggest challenges blogging?
Actually having something to write. I don't have the most interesting life ever, and sometimes I feel like I have absolutely nothing interesting to say, and that because of this, readers won't take my blog seriously.
The other thing has been designing this blog. Blogger can be pretty finicky and I forgot all my HTML. (Good thing my friend Keira is designing a brand new look for me!)

6. What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
The people I've met. There are so many people out there that I would have never met or been able to reach out to if it weren't for blogging. Even if there's a chance I'll never meet them in person, it has still been my biggest surprise, but also the best part. It's things like the Secret Santa exchange that make you meet and discover to many bloggers that are so like-minded!

7. What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?
When I feel like no one is paying attention. Sometimes I write something I think people will or should read, and there's no response. Even if I blog for myself primarily, it's still nice to know you're heard.

8. What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?
The other blogs. I love reading other blogs and knowing that I can do that too, that I'm doing it.

9. What is your blogging dirty little secret?
I used to refresh the stats page over and over in hopes that the page views would go up. Also, I have to keep myself from going through my old posts and deleting them.

10. What is your current goal as a blogger?
Just to keep doing what I do and meet more people! I am thinking on starting another blog just for my writing, to keep myself on track.

11. Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise? 
Writing. I started writing again just around the same time as I started blogging and I met a lot of aspiring writers this way, and it just makes me want to write that much more! 

There you go!  I'm going to tag the following bloggers:
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  1. I think the coolest thing about archives is you can see how your voice changes as the time passes while blogging. I highly encourage you to NOT delete posts. You never know when you might want to stumble back across them :) This is really fun!

  2. They were fun questions! Thanks for tagging me!

  3. I agree! That's why I won't delete them, even if I'm tempted to. :)


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