Friday, January 3, 2014

Looks like I'm Running a Half-Marathon!

One of my goals for 2014 is to run a half-marathon. I want to get back in shape and it seems like a great goal to have! It seems a little extreme, but here's why I chose a half-marathon. Next year, my mom wants to go run the Berlin marathon (the Half, anyway), and I want to go with her! Any excuse to go back to Germany! So, I thought I should at least run it once before, and here I am now. My mother and I are registered to run together already, and I can't wait!

On May 4th, I will be running the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon and I'll be using Hal Higdon's Training Program to do it! I chose Novice 1, since it's designed for someone who has never run a half before, so it's a perfect fit! My mom used his training program when she ran her first full marathon, so it's definitely a tried and true program.
So with this 12 week program, I'll be starting on February 10th, which gives me a whole month at the gym to try and get as much endurance in my unhealthy body as possible. Already with the Squat challenge and the Lunge challenge, I'm gained a lot of strength back into my legs, so that's definitely going to help!

Here's the little details of the program: the stretch & strengthen just means that I don't run on that day, but instead to strength training and lots of stretching! Cross is all about doing a different activity that still needs cardio and strength, like swimming or cycling.

I'm soooo excited to start with this training and finally be able to say "I ran a half marathon."


  1. Awesome goal! I plan on running a half marathon this year too. Never have done more than a 10k race so need to start training. Good luck!!!


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