Monday, January 27, 2014

YA Workshop


Emilie shuddered from the cold as she made her way to school. Going to school on a Saturday was strange, like a bad dream. She didn't care that it was Saturday. She had been looking forward to this day for three months, ever since she'd heard of the workshop being offered. It was a writing workshop in the Young Adult genre - her favourite books were all YA, and it was also in this same genre that she wrote her first book, and the one she was working on.
She walked into the class, early, as she always was and watched the other students taking their places, wondering who they were, what they had written, and how much better their writing was compared to hers.
Then, the class finally started. The teacher, Anita Daher, was a successful writer, whose books had been published internationally. She started by talking about the genre, its definition and history, then they moved on to plot: the difference between a plot-driven story and a character-driven story. They asked a lot of questions, and got very good answers in return.
They talked about characters, settings and clich├ęs, and the day went by incredibly fast! Emilie felt utterly inspired by being surrounded with people who loved writing, and speaking to someone who succeeded and could give her great advice, and help her succeed as well.
She went home smiling and full of energy. She couldn't wait to write endlessly and edit and finish her stories!

In two weeks, the workshop continues, and Emilie couldn't be more excited: they will be discussing how to edit and send out manuscripts to publishers!

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