Tuesday, February 18, 2014


It's that time of year again!

Festival du Voyageur started Friday night and I couldn't be more excited! The music lineup is amazing and the weather is incredible! On top of that, this year the Festival celebrates its 45th anniversary!
For those who don't know, Festival du Voyageur "celebrates Canada's fur-trading past and unique French heritage and culture through entertainment, arts and crafts, music, exhibits, and displays." (Wikipedia)
It's basically the big winter event that all us Frenchies wait for impatiently! I've been going there since I can remember, and since last year, I've been working there during the school program.
It's a really great festival where we gather, listen to amazing music, admire beautiful snow sculptures, learn about our fur-trading history and eat maple taffy!
Here are some pictures of my weekend at Festival:
Snow sculpture at the entrance of the park

Snow sculpture
Maple taffy!!! Best thing ever.
Gerald Laroche (my dad! - In case you can't tell - that's a harmonica in his hands)

The Crooked Brothers
 HÉ HO! Bon Festival à tous!

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