Friday, February 7, 2014

Splits Results!

My 30 Day Challenge for January was the Lunge/Split challenge. Every day, I did the splits a little bit longer until I reached 6 minutes at the end of the month. I definitely feel pretty stretched out!

Here are my before and after pictures: it's not amazing, but hey! It's progress!


  1. I think that's pretty darn impressive! Are you going to continue, or stop there?

  2. Thanks! I hadn't even thought of it! I was planning on just doing it for the month since I'm starting my marathon training this month and the splits were kind of ruining my knees...

  3. Looks like excellent progress to me! That still much more than I can do I'll tell you that!

  4. Amazing progress! You can tell from your posture you've improved in so many ways. c:


  5. Yeah no kidding! I hadn't noticed that before. I was also doing some exercises to improve my posture, so that might be why!


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