Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Bachelor Auditions

Last Thursday, The Bachelor Canada came to Winnipeg on their audition tour! They were auditioning girls AND guys to find the candidates and this year's Bachelor. My film prof forwarded an email from the casting director for volunteers to work the auditions.
*I didn't audition... Just volunteered!
I showed up Thursday morning and we got to work! I was set up at a table where the girls would be handed paperwork and then once completed, we would process it. We had a little bit of a rush at around 10 am, when the doors opened, but after that it was pretty slow, so I got to talk with my co-volunteers and have an amazing lunch provided by the hotel where the auditions were held.

Later, the casting director came to talk to me. She told me I had been the only person to drive there (we were all university students, and so everyone took the bus), and if I could maybe drive the DP (director of photography) around to get some shots of Winnipeg. So of course I said yes and we set off to find some nice scenes of Winnipeg!

That was probably my favourite part: it was so much fun to talk to a professional in the business and sneak into the Forks to get some footage of people skating and of the skyline. Even though we froze our butts off, it was a really great day!


  1. What an amazing opportunity!
    My mom would seriously be soooo jealous!


  2. that's super cool, what a cool experience!

  3. Oh wow! This sounds pretty awesome! I bet it was fun seeing the other side of TV!

  4. It was! It would've been fun to see how the actual auditions work though!


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