Thursday, October 1, 2015


I just got myself a GoPro!! I'm so excited about this, as it's my first video-camera and I already have a lot of ideas for little videos that I want to make. I've been playing with the settings to try and see what it can do, and I made a little video of my daily walk to work to test it out.

So far, I really love this little camera. It's small, compact, easy to use and tough (though I haven't tested that out yet).
This video was a first try and I've learned a lot from it:

I walk with a really heavy step.
As much as I tried to steady the camera and not shake too much as I walked, the video still looked like I was bouncing up and down.... Speeding up the video helped a lot, though.

I'm going to need the chest strap or camera stick if I want to film myself walking or running.
Like I said above, the film was quite shaky from my walking and I plan on filming myself running my next half-marathon, as well as all kinds of adventures I go on in my upcoming trip. It could be as simple as walking down the streets of Dublin! But I need it to be steadier and I refuse to wear a helmet for no reason.

The camera captures sound really really well.
I've always been told that the GoPro doesn't capture sound very well, especially with the case on it, so I wasn't expecting to get any sound on my walk, but, it actually captured the sound coming from my headphones clear enough for me to be able to hear the lyrics of the songs!

The GoPro Studio is pretty easy to use, once you warm up to it.
I'm so used to Final Cut Pro, that using a simpler program was slightly frustrating... but there are some great tutorials in the program and I managed to do exactly what I wanted.

You can connect the camera to your phone! 
The GoPro App let's you see what you're filming or even control the camera like a remote from your phone. Just add WiFi.

More coming soon!

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