Monday, November 23, 2015

Weird Child.

I was a weird child. Still am! I mean, most kids are pretty weird... but I definitely had some hilarious moments that we still laugh about at the dinner table and I'm sure will end up in a slideshow at my wedding. Here's a few strange things I have done or did as a child.

I was so proud that I had learned how to read, that I would read to my stuffed animals.... in my bathing suit.

One day, I was at Tim Horton's with my dad and I had just started to learn English. I was reading the menu and said a little too loud, "Beaver eggs?! That's disgusting!!" A few people looked around curiously. My dad looked up at the menu "Em, it says 'beverages'."

During one of our road trips to the Rocky Mountain, my sister and I were really disappointed that we were climbing mountains, as we thought that that's what "hiking" meant. So, we strapped on some of our own makeshift gear and started to climb.
Once or twice, we went to the beach and I would run into the water, play around for a while then come out and take my bathing suit off (Keep in mind, I was little back then) and then run back in the water. Finally, my dad asked why I took my bathing suit off, and I simply said "well, it's wet."

My parents always found the most random things for us to play with and when we went camping, one of those happened to be the Tupperware bins they used to do the dishes.

 I used to love eating snow. By the handful! One day, my dad asked me what snow tastes like and I said "my hand." So he asked me what my hand tasted like, and I said "skin."

There are so many more stories, so many weird things I used to do or say, but these are just a few of my favourites.

Do you have any stories of weird things you did as a child?


  1. Look at you looking like a thug reading! What on earth is the other child doing!? Priceless picture.
    Snow taste like a snowmans skin, not quite human's haha.
    The reasoning for taking your bathing suit off hilarious, but it actually makes sense...

    I was also the black sheep. I don't mind, because some sheep aren't as white as they appear. At least we're straight up and ddon't mind standing out!

    - Harlynn

    1. hahaha I think she was setting them up for me and just carried one in her bathing suit... I have no idea.
      Ya but when you reach the end of the snow, it's your hand it touches, so obviously it will taste like your skin!

      Nothing wrong with being a black sheep! We make the world interesting.


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