Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I love elephants. They are definitely my favourite animal. I'm not entirely sure why, but here's the story:

I've always thought they were pretty cool, but it wasn't until I watched Water for Elephants that I really fell in love with them. They are such a fascinating and intelligent animal...!
Then, I watched a couple documentaries on Netflix, namely Echo of the Elephants and that only deepened my love for these giants.

When I was in Germany, I went to the Berlin Zoo with a couple friends and they had elephants!!!!! I have overjoyed. It was just one, either. They had a bunch! I think there must have been six of them! They even had a baby!

Anyway, my last day in Germany, I went to a fair with my host mom and I found this gorgeous necklace. (For some reason, elephant-pendant necklaces seem to be all the rage these days) Having only a couple Euros left for the airport, I couldn't afford it. So I just walked away... The next day, when my host mom dropped me off at the train station, she gave me a little gift. I opened it in the bus and there it was: the elephant necklace!

I couldn't believe she'd gone back while I wasn't looking to buy it! Danke, danke, danke!

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