Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Peer Support

Last year, I decided to get more involved in school. I hated high school and really didn't want anything to do with it. When I got to university, I decided that I wanted to make these next few years count. I wanted these to stand out even more than high school. So, I decided to join a student group. The student group I chose is Peer Support.

The best way to explain what this group does is this: it's a counselling service for students by students. We are trained by a professional counsellor and have office hours, where students can come and talk to us about anything, from school stress to breakups to more serious problems like depression and suicide. It's a safe space for students to talk and we have the same secrecy policy as normal counsellors do. Sometimes, it's easier to talk to a peer, or someone your own age, rather than someone much older (40s-50s), where you could maybe feel like a subordinate.

I've dealt with many situations, first and (mostly) second hand and I know that if I were in those situations, I would want someone to talk to, who knew how to help me. I want to help others. I want to be there for anyone who needs help, whether it's advice or just a shoulder to cry on. They don't need to be my best friends, I will be there.

Anyway, this year, during O-Week (we have big festivities during the first week of class; beer gardens, free food, live bands, campus tours, etc.) and our co-ordinators had a table for Peer Support with a registration list. I helped out Thursday and Friday on my breaks and we got so many names! I'm really excited for this year!

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