Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I never really pictured myself as the photogenic type. I always thought that I looked distorted-different in pictures (even worse when my voice is recorded...!).
Saturday, we was getting ready to go out clubbing for my friend Jessica's birthday. While I was putting makeup on and taking a shot or two (or three), I started taking pictures, you know, like girls do when they are buzzed and in a bathroom!
I found myself really surprised at the results! I don't know if it's because of the extra makeup or just because my standards were lowered, but I actually liked the pictures I took! Granted, I deleted 80% of them on the spot. The best part is that these pictures are close-ups, which I hated even more than normal. Hint: flawed skin, girlish insecurities and all that jazz.

The point it, this has made me like taking pictures and trying out different angles, which is good, since I've been lacking the enthusiasm of taking pictures for this blog.
Sometimes it only takes one small, great thing, to make you want to keep going and do better.

Here are my favourites:

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