Friday, September 6, 2013


Last night, instead of doing homework or anything productive for myself, I helped my sister build her new IKEA furniture. Fun!
She has always had a tiny little room (those two pieces fit on one wall with only about 6 inches between them) and always had the worst furniture to put her clothes in. I mean, a dress with no handles and drawers that are constantly stuck and won't open.... So she piles it on the floor instead. ...and hoards....

I'm gonna be watching her all weekend as she goes through and organizes her big piles of clothes (They're in FOUR huge garbage bags right now. FOUR!!!!). It'll be fun! For me, anyway. I love organizing and putting IKEA furniture together!

The furniture looks awesome and I'm super excited for her! (Hopefully now her room won't look like a tornado blew in....)

Happy Friday everyone!

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