Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why YA?

Some of you may know, (if you've seen my Reads page) I read a lot of novels in the same genre, YA. This stands for Young Adult. I've always loved this category. But not just young adult: I love when it's a paranormal romance (yes, like Twilight, but not Twilight).
Some of my favourites

Harry Potter was probably the first series of "bigger" books that I read, that weren't exclusively for children. After that, I went almost straight to YA. I most have been around 12 or 13 when I moved to that genre, which is normal. At that age, you read these novels and hope to have an adventure like that when you turn 16. (At eleven, most of us were hoping for a letter from Hogwarts!) It's getting more difficult to find unique books with characters older than 16 but younger than 25 that are written this way, so in a way, I keep myself stuck in this teenage-mindset. (That's also the genre in which I'm writing my book)
More of my books; some I've read, some I haven't yet

But why? Why do I enjoy the clich├ęs, the cheesy lines, the same characters, the same plots? Well because I like cheesy. I like the bad boy who always knows what to say. I like that he's almost always sarcastic and mocking. I like that the characters have these new worlds to discover, that we discover with them. In every genre, the plot is relatively the same:

  • YA paranormal: girl meets boy, either one isn't "human," bad things happen, happy ending.
  • Mysteries: person dies, they have an investigation, they catch the killer
  • Romance: they fall in love, they can't be together, they find a way to be, happy ending
  • Etc, etc.
See? It makes total sense right? I think so. I love reading. It gives me a break from life. It makes me happy. I grow with the characters, I live threw them, and it's an adventure! If I could read for a living, I would!

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