Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm on Facebook!

I've always been on Facebook, but all my settings are on private. There were a few incidences with a creepy stalker of an ex-boyfriend and other weird people, so I made it that only friends could look at my profile and search me by name.
Then I started this blog and posted my updates on my profile (probably annoying all those people who just really don't care) and I felt kind of bad about it. Not only was I annoying my Facebook friends with my ramblings on their news feed, but others who might want to "friend" me wouldn't be able to find me!
Thus came the Facebook Like page! Daily Emilie is officially on Facebook as of... 30 minutes ago! You can like me on Facebook, or subscribe via email, follow me on bloglovin' or twitter... the possibilities are (almost) endless!


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