Friday, November 15, 2013

High Life

In Film class a couple weeks ago we watched the movie High Life, which was filmed here in Winnipeg by a local director named Gary Yates.
The movie is about a group of drug addicts who decide to rob a bank, and have the perfect plan, but of course, everything goes wrong.
The director is a good friend of my prof, so she invited him to come in today and talk about the movie, and filmmaking in general.
With him, was also the director of photography, Michael Marshall who has done a bunch of other movies, namely "The Curse of Chucky."

It was really cool to be able to ask them a ton of questions and just hear what these successful filmmakers have to say, and learn about how this specific movie was made. It's really inspiring to hear these stories and be able to meet these people in person. It makes you think "man, I could really do this!"

Who have you met that has inspired you in your career?

Happy Friday!

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