Thursday, November 28, 2013


Warning: This is a picture-heavy post! :)
My aunt is an amazing photographer, my dad is just as good, and so are many, many of the bloggers I follow. I'm jealous! It's an art I've never really been able to grasp.
Today, my prof told me how great my background was, and she wanted to picture. When I told her I had taken it, she was even more impressed. It was such a compliment and it got me thinking. How many jewels out there that I have taken, not knowing how great they really are?
I went through my photos in my computer (which date back to 2011), and here are a few I really love!
Taken on our way home from Cuba, 2011
Taken on my iPhone! Doesn't it look like a painting?
This was in Mexico, 2012
Hann. Muenden, Germany, 2013
Staircase inside a statue in Kassel, Germany, 2013
Also in Kassel, Germany, 2013
Can anyone tell me what kind of flower this is? I just love it!
(This is the one my prof really liked) It was taken late at night when we went camping! I love how eerie it is.
Sunsets are always pretty, no matter what.
The moon is also, always pretty, especially surrounded by trees.

What "hidden talent" do YOU have?
PS- Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends

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