Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tapas Galore

Sunday, my sister decided to cook dinner for the family and boyfriends. She had a couple of recipes she wanted to try and so that's what she did and it was incredible! We all ate like kings!
We had Ikea-style swedish meatballs, tomato-sauce meatballs, cucumber-salmon finger food, cheese-wrapped salami, mini tacos, bruschetta, and zucchini with tomatoes and melted cheese on top.

Tapas are, for those who don't know, a spanish invention. The word "tapas" literally means "covers," or "lids," because they used to be served on top of a drink to keep flies from getting in. They are finger foods or appetizers, usually like bar food, or just a great way to try a bunch of tasty treats!

Man, can that girl cook!

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