Friday, November 8, 2013


Ever since I was little, my family has traveled around a lot. Every 2-3 years, we would take a road trip to the Rocky Mountains, or go to Montreal to see some family. For some reason, I've always loved flying. I like being in airplanes! In 2006, I went on my first big adventure over seas. We went to France! Boy, was that amazing! I was about 12, so I was still young enough to enjoy spending time with my parents, and open enough to try all these new things.
In 2011, I went to Spain with my high school, though unfortunately I lost all the pictures... (Which wasn't all that tragic since they almost all included my ex)
In 2011, my mom finally managed to convince my dad to talk winter vacations in the south, so we headed to Cuba! It was beautiful and warm and we loved it so much we went back the following year!

In 2012, I decided I would go visit some friends in Mexico City. It was my graduation present to myself and my big trip of the year. Many people were worried about me being there, but it was one of the best 2 weeks I've ever had.

This summer, I went to Germany, which was also incredibly amazing! I completely fell in love with the country and I can't wait to go back!

Happy Friday!

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