Friday, December 18, 2015

Introducing: Wander(lost) Blog!

Since I will be travelling for the next year, I decided to document my travels, adventures and all kinds of tips and tricks along the way. I wanted to dedicate an entire blog of its own to my travels. Of course, so of the posts will be published on here as well, but not all. There will be maps, advice, a mascot, and all kinds of pictures as I make my way around the UK and in Germany, as well as anywhere else I end up visiting in the next year, and beyond. I will also include tips and tricks from previous travels, so look out for all that!

Without further ado.... may I introduce my new blog: Wander(lost)!

The title comes from the word "wanderlust" and the famous Tolkien quote: "Not all those who wander are lost." The german line underneath means "You are crazy, my child! You must go to Berlin!" It's a quote from Austrian composer Franz von Suppé, and it seems to work so well with my travel plans!

I've added the direct link in the menu bar of this blog, to make it easier to access and will keep posting updates on Facebook, so make sure to like the Wander(lost) page on Facebook!

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