Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Grandfather is a Knight

My grandfather, André Bordeleau went overseas at the age of 16 to fight during World War II. He took part in D-Day, drove a jeep, fought on the battlefield, and even helped liberate a concentration camp. After coming home, he met his wife Henriette. They had 4 kids, 6 grandchildren and 2 great-grand-children. He is an incredible man; he's hilarious, loving, a talented painter and loves his grandchildren to pieces.

He has had a wonderful life, and now, at the age of 90, he has been rewarded for all his efforts in the war. France has just awarded him a very special medal: the Medal of the Legion of Honour, (National Order of the Legion of Honour). This is the highest honour that can be given in France, which he helped liberate during the war.

I am so proud of my grandfather! Although he was only a soldier for 4 years during the war, he served his country with pride, like thousands of other soldiers. Without them, who knows what our world would look like now.

When receiving this medal, you are given the title of knight... so I guess you could say my grandfather is a real knight! A very honourable one at that!

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