Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I spent the weekend in Montreal visiting family, something I haven't done in five years. It was wonderful! I got to see pretty much everyone, and I got some time to explore the city by myself as well. I arrived Thursday morning, grabbed lunch with my aunt, then visited my grandfather. After that, I spent the evening with my mother's best friend. In the morning, we ate brunch with her daughter, then spent the afternoon with her before I met up with my cousins, with whom I would be staying for the rest of the weekend. While they were busy, I went exploring and found quite a few interesting things around the city.

Christmas Market 

This ice sculpture has the "skeleton" of a polar bear inside, and as the ice melts, more and more of the skeleton shows, just the way the ice caps are melting and killing the polar bears.

My cousin made us some Japanese Ramen and it was amazing. We were all in food comas after that!

This was an awesome candy shop down the street from my cousins' apartment. 
Meet Matcha, the crazy kitten I got to play with all weekend :)

I went to a wonderful Christmas Market
On the second floor of the Christmas Market, there was a Comic Con with a lot of people dressed up.

It was such a great weekend, great weather and amazing people :)

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