Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lotus Leggings

You know how on Facebook there's always all these adds? Well one of the adds I see very often is one from Lotus Leggings. One day, I decided to go look around and see what it was all about, and I fell in love. They have the funkiest leggings! I'm a big fan of funky leggings, especially when it comes to running, and their prices are awesome. I don't usually do online shopping, simply for the fact that if an item needs to be exchanged or returned, it's such a hassle and I'm way too lazy for that.

But, it was late and money was burning my hands, so I just said "the hell with it" and added things to my cart. I had started with two pairs of the same leggings, the ones with trees on them, and then I needed about $10 more to get free shipping, so I found that pair of mermaid leggings and sine they were so cheap, I just got them anyway. Even if I wasn't going to wear them.

The shipping was super fast and the packaging minimal so it was great! On top of that, I got mediums, hoping they would fit, and of course, they were a perfect fit. I've gotten compliment after compliment on these leggings and I literally have to keep myself from buying all of them.

I really like that they're active on Instagram, so if you post your leggings and tag them in the picture, they'll re-gram your picture and you can see what others did with their leggings (yoga poses are a popular one), they also don't send you a gazillion emails about deals like other shops do.

So if you still need to buy a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, I highly suggest you try these leggings! Here are a few of them on my "to buy" list:
Click here to see them on the website
(It's too bad they don't have a Canadian flag pair of leggings!)

Click here to see them on the website

Click here to see them on the website

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  1. Woah! These are some interesting and beautiful Ultracor leggings. It is going to help in hiding the garment line underneath. I always had a problem with it. It caused a lot of distraction at the gym. I am going to buy these leggings for myself and for my best friend as well.


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