Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter Jacket

Yesterday, December 16th, the snow finally came! It snowed all night and all day, and now Winnipeg is covered in a beautiful blanket of shimmering snow. That means, it's time to take the jacket out of hiding.

Last year, I finally invested in a new winter jacket. A good winter jacket in Winnipeg is vital, and the difference between freezing to death at the bus stop and only freezing a little bit. I shopped around for a long time before I finally settle on a Firefly jacket. I had one for years and it was a great jacket. It's a  little bit of a cheaper brand, at least compared to Columbia or The North Face, but it's just as good! What I hadn't like about the old one was that it was a two part jacket. This one, is a one-piece and it's oh so warm. I wasn't cold a single time last winter!

My favourite part of the jacket is the storm sleeves. They are built-in sleeves with thumb holes so the wind doesn't run up my arms. Genius! On top of that, on the left arm, there's this patch that opens where you can put your ski pass or ID. Sort of makes me feel like I'm Buzz Lightyear!

The best part of the jacket, the thing that keeps it so warm is the shiny reflective material on the back and under the arms. This material helps concentrate your body heat so you keep yourself warm. If you get too hot, though, there are zippers under the armpits so you can cool down a bit and let some of that heat out.

There are also pockets everywhere. Everywhere! Needless to say, even if I wish it would have been brown or black, it's an awesome jacket.

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