Monday, March 14, 2016

20 Thoughts You Have in a Hostel

When I moved to Berlin, I spent over two weeks living in hostels, trying to find an apartment. I've also slept in hostels in Thailand and the last two times I was in Germany as well. I love hostels! They are such a great, cheap way to have a roof over your head and meet people from all over the world! It can be a great experience, but not everyone is friendly and not every hostel is as clean as the last. Here are some thoughts you may have when living in a hostel.

  1. I can't believe I'm paying $15 a night!
  2. This is awesome. These people are so nice!
  3. Wait... Why doesn't the WiFi work?
  4. I have to go to the lounge for WiFi? ugh.
  5. I can't hear my Netflix over all these people talking!
  6. Okay, it's 3 am... One more message, then sleep.
  8. A hot shower! Hallelujah!
  9. Aaaaand there's hair. There's a stranger's hair on the wall.
  10. New people! Where are they from?
  11. CANADA! Yussssss. My people!
  12. I love meeting new people!
  13. I need to stay in hostels more often.
  14. Okay, now YOU there, you need a shower.
  15. This place is so perfect, it's so close to downtown!
  16. I can't figure out if the top bunk or the bottom is better...
  17. I wonder if the maids clean the walls beside the beds...
  18. Okay, please stop staring at me...
  19. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed...
  20. Damnit, why does the WiFi never work?!
  21. You get what you pay for, I guess....

Honestly, I've never really had a bad experience in hostels (other than getting robbed...). I've met quite a few amazing people that I'm still friends with years later and have even visited! It's a great alternative to an expensive hotel, especially when all you really need is a bed and a shower. I mean, why pay over $100 a night when you spend less than 10 hours there?!
To this day, my favourite hostel in the world is in Chiang Mai, and it only cost me $2-5 a night! It had this awesome little patio (see picture above) where we would all gather at night to hang out, drink and play music together. I've got some really great memories from those nights and I've definitely made some friends for life there.


  1. My sibling stayed at a hostel before, they didn't care for it. To me, sounds like a hippie type place to stay and (like you said) make great friends around the world or country. Very cheap, had no idea! I'll have to keep this in mind...for when I get enough dough to travel.

    1. You definitely have to be able to stand being around strangers and have a lack of privacy, otherwise, it's really awful. I loved it and it's cheap, so win-win right?


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