Monday, March 21, 2016

Bier Yoga

Yoga and beer... Both of these things are great separately, but what about combined? Many yogis would shutter at the idea of combining the two, but, it's actually kind of a hilarious and lovely idea! Why hasn't anyone thought of this years ago?!
Bier Yoga is a new trend here in Berlin and the title says it all: you're doing beer and drinking yoga  doing yoga and drinking beer! I decided to try it out, even though I have never been in a yoga class in my life and knew I would probably fail epically.
We gathered in this sort of bar (the location changes from time to time) and everyone socialized, grabbed a beer and sat down on their yoga mats facing the stage. Jhula, the instructor started off by asking who had never done yoga before, and a good chunk of us timidly (or proudly) raised our hands. I have to admit I was quite relieved to know I wasn't the only beginner in the room. Then she asked who had never drank beer before, and of course, we all laughed as we were all experts in that domain.

Already, you get a good feel of the atmosphere. It's relax, friendly and totally welcoming. I've always been reluctant to go to a yoga class simply because it's so serious and I would be afraid of making mistakes and giggling at my lack of flexibility. At Bier Yoga? Everyone giggles and laughs at their mistakes and at the hilarious ways we use beer bottles to help with our yoga poses.
I definitely need to work on my flexibility...  Sign me up for another class!
It was honestly such a great session! I will definitely go back. It's only 5€ plus however many beers you decide to get. It's a great environment and an awesome way of getting people curious about yoga. If you're ever in Berlin, definitely go try a session of Bier Yoga. Whether you're a pro or not, and whether you understand German or not, you're definitely going to have a great time.



  1. Ohh my gosh that's awesome!! I love the pics of your trainer haha. Yoga is definitely something to get into. Of course beer too, hehe. I thought of you today hearing about the Brussel attack. I hope you're okay.

    1. It was definitely a lot of fun! As always, when drinking beer, we somehow magically are able to do anything ;)
      I'm okay, it's not in the same country.


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