Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter in Berlin

Though I spent the majority of my weekend working, Easter in Berlin was beautiful. Usually, my entire extended family gets together for an Easter dinner, but as I was away this year, I had to make different plans, which mostly involved serving people burgers and a lot of walking.

Saturday morning, I went for my last long run before the half-marathon. It was such a beautiful day! I regretted not bringing sunglasses with me and took off my sweater within the first few minutes of the run. We ran around the Tierpark right next to the Zoo, which is a really beautiful area of the city. After this, I walked around Alexanderplatz, where there was an Easter market and festival happening. Music, beer gardens, shops, sweets and pretzels every where! Even a few rides for the kids. It was an incredibly sunny and beautiful day, that it seemed like all of Berlin had gathered there.

It was a really great 4-day weekend (for everyone else, obviously. I got one day off) and I can really feel spring coming on. It's getting warmer and warmer every day and the sun is starting to show itself a little more!

Happy Easter!

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